Natural Salumi faces the market as a young and dynamic company that intends to win over the interest of consumers for its ability to bind traditions and local flavours with innovation and the search for new frontiers of delicatessen.

Natural Salumi considers the following as priority and strategic:

  • Provide guarantees regarding the Food Safety of its products;
  • Maintain control of business processes, with a versatile philosophy aimed towards improvement;
  • Implement a Quality and Food Safety Management System in accordance with International ISO9001 norms: 2015 and ISO22000: 2005, certified by a third party;
  • Dedicatedly an seriously complying with mandatory regulations in the field of Food Security also means not receiving complaints from official control bodies or from customers regarding food safety;

Natural Salumi believes that quality and continuous improvement is the only path to follow, given the constant evolution of the market and consumer demands.